Sep 222015

We went and killed something again ^^

Kilrogg and us… we aren’t friends. Throw in some server issues, lag issues, attendance issues and quitting issues, and things can draaaag out. But hey, we still didn’t give up and in the end we won.



Burning Dawn is done with elementary school!

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Sep 162015

Burning Dawn is now 10 years old and should be done with elementary school, well done Burning Dawn!

However, having a double-digit age doesn’t mean we just hang around doing whatever 10 year olds do…. what do 10 year olds do these days anyway? Take part in shitstorms? Help people with their power of telekinesis? Well, anyway, 10 year olds guilds go and kill bosses. At least this one does ^^



Scary looking guy… I wonder how he ever found friends… Too late now though. They’re all dead!

Aug 192015

Dear blog,

it’s been a while since I wrote in you. It was a bit of a stupid summer. We had to do a lot of like farming. But it was also like cool cause almost all of us went on vacation. I went to the beach. It was very warm and there was like sand and stuff.

When I came back we met with Archimonde the Heroical.
But then he died.


So we went to the Assault. It was supposed to be mythic. But it died, too.
And then we went to Iron Reaver. And she died, three.


I think I have like abandonment issues now.

So yeah, that was my summer.
Hope you have a totes awesome summer, too!

Jun 072015

So, there we were, a proud group of 20 heroes, thumbs in belt, looking all smug at the Imperator, “Hey dude, we’ve got a 695 ilevel. How ’bout you just give up already?”
Long story short, he didn’t. And it became quite a long story indeed. But while we were battling one of the biggest waves of connection issues known to raider-kind, and were trawling and weeping over the almost non-existent remains of the semi-hardcore recruitment market, we managed to progress continously. And as so often before, we just had more patience than the boss ^^

We beat Imperator Margok and his buddy Cho’gall on the 2nd of June 2015. On the 2nd of June 2011 we had beaten Bastion of Twilight’s Cho’gall heroic. That post works quite well today still ^^

Cho’gall at first didn’t seem to be “a Burning Dawn kind of fight”… you know, careful positioning, interrupting, swapping to adds, burning hard…. phew… not our strong points. But we spilled the blood of the old god. Nay, we killed the spilled blood of the old god! And somehow we managed to stay focused on the fight and take him down, in a forest of tentacles among a large amount of balls that would normally make a number of people go afk and touch themselves furiously.

So yeah, good job, people! Keep it up for the last two three non-Burning Dawn kind of fights ^^

All that remains to be said after these wise words is…. balls, giggity.



Cho 2011