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Jan 012014
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Burning Dawn is a World of Warcraft guild on the European RP-PVP realm Defias Brotherhood. The guild was created on day 1 of the server and has been around ever since: As a large 40-man raiding guild in Vanilla, in TBC as more casual guild in a raid alliance, during Wrath and Cataclysm with a very competitive 10-man team and as purely social guild in the earlier months of Pandaria. Now we’re back in the heroic-game, as 2-day raiding guild.

Apr 162014

If you are reading this it means the transfer to our new host is complete! The website should look exactly the same as before and no posts should be lost – but everything should feel a lot more snappy and responsive! For any questions regarding the website we’re available at any time, though Frecka is your better bet. I just pick and cajole with hosts and pay, she’s the one actually making the pretty website. :)

Stumbled over this website and thought “that doesn’t look haaaalf bad”? We have some raider spots open still for SoO Heroic and Warlords of Draenor Mythic, and are always welcoming nice people on social spots! Head on over to our recruitment page.

- Maahe Longrunner

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Feb 072014

O M G I just heard Burning Dawn will be raiding in WoD. I’m so excited!!

It’s gonna be a 2- day raiding thing with standard days and times (no weekend or late-night). Those 2 days will be Mythic raiding (as soon as we have unlocked it of course). There’s also gonna be a flex raid organized by the guild on a set day, but that’s optional for the raiders and open to socials and alts (with certain gear requirements).

More info to come when we’re closer to WoD ^^

We currently raid Siege normal on Thursdays and Tuesdays, beginning 19:30, and have one flex evening per reset.

Jan 032014

Hello there!

The website got a fresh new look and a new forum software. Take a look around! Hopefully, everything will work as intended and you’ll like the new features.

In its current incarnation Burning Dawn exists as a small social guild. We have a handful of active members hanging out and enjoying the relaxed community. There are some new faces but also a bunch who’ve been sporting the Burning Dawn tag for ages already.

Oct 212012

So, what’s going on with the Dawn? Well, a fair amount turned into monks. But that didn’t make guild chat less… uhh…. secular. We also enjoyed our raiding break after Madness heroic so much that we decided to stick with it. We are not doing progression-oriented raids anymore but we do want to pick up some casual raiding again. Instead we are now farmers or pet battlers or achievement hunters… and of course daily rockers.

We are also actively recruiting more members. Take a look around on our website and visit our farm forum if you’re interested!