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Jan 012014
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Burning Dawn is a World of Warcraft guild on the European RP-PVP realm Defias Brotherhood. The guild has been part of the server’s community since the very beginning, 10 years ago. It provides a cozy home for players who are interested in any or all aspects of the game.

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Feb 042016

Due to the current nature of the game and its community Burning Dawn will not be raiding anymore for the time being. We have gone back to our roots as a social guild.

And while the guild and we won’t be going anywhere, we do wish all the best to those of the Dawners who want to continue raiding elsewhere!

– Hate and Jendra a.k.a. Maahe and Frecka

Dec 032015

I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I encouraged Skoop to provide kill shots for us and told him I’d be happy to feature his art on this website…. Really, me, what the heck!


Elsa with the hammer

Fortunately, we don’t just have Skoop, but also Frostek ^^

Fel Lord Dave

Nov 012015

<insert lots of jokes about birds and ruffled feathers here>

Also, look, we managed to take an actual killshot ^^ We’re constantly improving on every aspect of this game, haha. Well… what with it being so dark, the whole thing not being very centered, and the boss being despawned, there’s probably still room for further improvement. Or actually… quite a lot I guess.


First step towards further improvement!


Oct 282015

Hokai, so, the first step to killing Socrethar is the right strategy. This one was suggested by a dawner who should remain unnamed. We tried it out for 10 minutes but it really didn’t work well. The yellow circle placement needed a bit too much micromanagement. And you just can’t really handle the blue area like that. It also backfired to have the red crosses spread out. But it might work for some groups. I suppose.


… maybe you can never actually kill the idea of a Socrethar though.